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Gogoa is a Gipuzkoan startup that designs and develops exoskeletons to improve people's quality of life. First European company to obtain the CE mark for the HANK exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of lower limbs.


GOGOA has the vocation to research and develop wearable robots, augmented reality systems and computer applications that help people to recover and increase their capacities to improve their quality of life and reduce risks.


Thought, spirit, desire, goal, encouragement and hope are meanings that come to GOGOA Mobility Robots, a new company to make technology more humane and demonstrate that it can help people recover and increase their abilities to movement.



Los árboles y las montañas
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Gogoa develops solutions adapted to people, taking into account the usability and user experience. In order to achieve them, clinical research and fitness tests are done.

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Our quality management system according to ISO 13485: 2016 guarantees the commercialization of medical devices, ensuring quality, safety and functionality throughout the life cycle.

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Gogoa has an innovative character due to its participation in R+D+i projects, both nationally and internationally.

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We have one of the best robotic technologies in the field of rehabilitation and adapted to current social needs.

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